Podcast - Interview with Janet Tanguay

Ep #119: Interview with Janet Tanguay – Lessons Learned From Coaching 1,000+ Entrepreneurs

Janet Tanguay has made entrepreneurship her passion, and throughout her career she has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs launch their dream businesses, and has guided hundreds of people toward living the life of their dreams through her Vision Board Workshops.

Her business, the Hammock Way Of Life, has a mission to help guide clients towards their higher purpose through vision board coaching and kits, team building, strategic planning, mind mapping, and a host of other great resources for successful entrepreneurs.

I caught up with Janet to talk about the lessons she’s learned from working with so many entrepreneurs, what it’s been like transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship, herself, and advice she has for any new or existing business owners.

Selected Links From The Episode

Connect With Janet:

Website / Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn

Entrepreneur Meet Up – Facebook Group

Interview with Nancy Tedeschi of the Snap-It Screw – Capable Wealth Podcast

Mop Co Improv Theatre – Schenectady, NY

Show Notes

(2:41) – What Janet loves about people

(4:16) – Lessons learned from coaching over 1,000 entrepreneurs

(6:19) – Janet’s origin story

(9:28) – Why you need to “Be the reason.”

(12:43) – How isolating entrepreneurship can be.

(16:53) – What businesses Janet is involved in and what she’s doing

(27:23) – What it was like writing a children’s book

(38:08) – Advice Janet has for business owners

(39:48) – Janet’s advice on how to be successful in life

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