Podcast - Interview with Nancy Tedeschi

Ep #117: Interview With Nancy Tedeschi – Succeeding In Business Through Sheer Willpower

Nancy Tedeschi is an inventor, entrepreneur, and all-around amazing person.

Her first invention, the Snap-It Screw went on to win numerous industry awards and is now sold in many brand-name stores like Walmart, Ace Hardware, and Office Depot.

Nancy’s early childhood was a struggle, and she battled with bullying, self-confidence issues, and several other hurdles she had to overcome.

But if you ask Nancy, those made her the strong person she is today, and helped her push through the difficult parts of entrepreneurship that eventually led to her success.

Her current venture, Bella Bella Sports is a activewear clothing line that features bold, fun prints that represent the athletes in sports like Pickleball, Golf, and Tennis.

Selected Links From The Episode

Connect With Nancy:

LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram

Snap-It Screw

Pickleball Bella

Tech Valley Center Of Gravity – Troy, NY

Show Notes

(1:11) – The first way Nancy ever earned money

(4:55) – The Nancy Tedeschi Origin Story

(14:05) – Nancy’s early career path

(22:15) – How never taking “no” for an answer has helped Nancy succeed

(24:50) – The Snap-it Screw story

(43:33) – Nancy’s new venture – Pickleball Bella

(51:06) – Advice Nancy would give to any entrepreneur

(58:55) – Why Nancy doesn’t believe in conventional success

(1:01:16) – Why parents are the path to their children’s success

(1:05:47) – The future for Nancy and her businesses

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