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We specialize in working with young physicians and dentists in the early stages of their careers.

This is THE most crucial period for establishing the right course for your unique financial journey. For physicians, this could be the final year of residency, and those crucial years when you are just beginning your career. For dentists, this is the time just after graduating dental school.

These groups have traditionally been disregarded by the financial planning industry because you haven’t amassed great amounts of wealth yet. But that doesn’t mean your needs are any less important. In fact, they may never be more important than they are right now.

Helping You Explore Your Capabilities

I’m passionate about helping my generation fully explore their financial capabilities. Throughout my career, I’ve found that my personal affinity for health, sciences, and nutrition meant that I naturally gravitated to working with individuals within the medical industry.

With a nurse for a mother, I suppose there is a level of inevitability that I should feel so drawn to the world of medicine. I inherited not just her interest in the field, but also the empathetic nature that makes it so easy for me to understand your unique position in life. I’ve seen what it looks like from both sides.

Not only am I passionate about my ability to help you, but I’m also passionate about what you do to help others. Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than helping you feel secure in your financial life so you can focus more of your efforts on growing your career and bettering the lives of all those you treat.


Capable Wealth - Who We Serve
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Start Your Financial Journey Today

As a physician or dentist, I’m sure you believe in prevention being better than cure. This is exactly my philosophy with finance. It doesn’t make sense to tell a new physician or dentist that their financial needs only become important once they become successful.

You need to establish a solid understanding of your money as early as possible to ensure that when you reach that success, you have the skill and awareness to ensure your money works just as hard as you do throughout every stage of your life.

From graduating with huge student loans, to finding employment and negotiating contracts, starting your own medical practice, cohabiting or marriage, home ownership, starting a family, planning for retirement, and legacy building, there are many road markers on your horizon. No matter which of these milestones you aspire to reach, it’s crucial you adequately prepare for the journey ahead.

You need an expert who you can consult with on a regular basis to help clarify your options and help you make the right choices.


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