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Ep #110: Interview w/Jules Paul – Conquering The World Of Real Estate Through Hard Work And Positivity

Jules Paul is a native of the Capital Region of New York State and is quickly making a name for himself in the Real Estate world.

In October of 2019, he was voted “Rising Star” for the Real Producers magazine, and in just his 3rd full year as a Realtor he is setting a blistering pace with sales.

One of the key attributes that has contributed to his success is his intense focus on providing the highest quality service to his clients, and making sure they have the absolute best experience, whether they are buying or selling their home.

Jules is also an investor, and owns several rental units around the Capital Region.

Prior to entering the Real Estate industry, he was a TA at Niskayuna HS, and spent over 10 years coaching football, softball, wrestling, tumbling, and gymnastics, around the Capital Region.

I caught up with Jules to discuss his transition into real estate, why he’s defied the odds in an industry with such high turnover, and why he’s so passionate about having complete control over his time.

Selected Links From The Episode

Connect With Jules:

Phone: 518-209-9770 / Facebook / Instagram

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Miuccio Real Estate Group

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Show Notes:

(1:16) – The Jules Paul Origin Story

(5:32) – Why Jules has had so much success in Real Estate so quickly

(13:50) – Why Jules he doesn’t set sales goals

(17:29) – Jules talks about the concept of “sink or swim”

(20:21) – What it was like moving in to live with his in-laws to cut costs when starting off in real estate.

(25:14) – Jules’ experience with college and why he wishes he never went

(36:37) – The first way Jules earned money

(42:11) – A typical day in the life of Jules as a Realtor

(50:17) – How Jules defines success

(52:27) – Jules’ passions outside of Real Estate

(55:07) – Lessons Jules plans to teach his kids about success

(56:45) – Where Jules will be in 3-5 years

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