Podcast - Interview with Juan Luis Lopez Fons

Ep #106: Interview w/Juan Luis Lopez Fons of Emotivo Productions – Discovering Passion Through A Lens

Juan Luis Lopez Fons is a Mexican-American filmmaker.

Born in Mexico City, he spent his childhood and early twenties in Mexico, be

Before founding Emotivo Productions, Juan Luis worked on shorts, small independent movies, foreign films, and big Hollywood pictures and documentaries.

He has a strong passion for people, and the relationships we form with one another.  Through his video production company, Juan Luis strives to reveal the essence of a person’s true self, and shed light on their story.

I caught up with Juan Luis to discuss his transition into entrepreneurship, his first few years in business, and the struggles of managing a growing video production company.

Selected Links From The Episode

Connect With Juan Luis & Emotivo Productions:

Website / Facebook / LinkedIn

Casey Neistat – American YouTube personality, filmmaker, and vlogger.

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Show Notes:

(1:21) – The Juan Luis origin story – Failing out of college in order to find your true passion

(4:57) – Juan Luis’ transition from NYC to Albany

(5:30) – How Juan Luis got into video production and opened his own company

(11:56) – Juan Luis talks about his upbringing and childhood, and the importance of learning to be self-reliant.

(14:38) – How Juan Luis creates videos that makes him and Emotivo unique.

(23:20) – What Juan Luis learned in his first 2 years of business and his advice to business owners.

(24:50) – How Juan Luis keeps himself motivated in business.

(26:20) – What Juan Luis loves about entrepreneurship

(32:20) – What Juan Luis loves about video making

(35:48) – Advice that Juan Luis doesn’t agree with

(38:08) – How Juan Luis Defines Success

(42:05) – What Juan Luis would teach younger individuals about being successful in life.

(44:56) – What the future looks like for Juan Luis and Emotivo

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