Podcast - Interview with Carmine Sposito

Ep 098: Interview w/Carmine Sposito – How To Make It To The 10-Year Mark In Business

Carmine Sposito is the owner and operator of Giuseppe’s Pizzeria and Deli located in Watervliet, NY.

Carmine is a native of the Capital Region – he grew up in Watervliet, attended Shaker HS, and graduated from HVCC.

In 2007, while still at HVCC, Carmine and his father began brainstorming ideas for a restaurant, and in 2009, they launched Giuseppe’s Pizzeria & Deli.  Since then they have been providing high-quality home-made Italian food to the Capital Region.

In this interview we discuss what it takes to reach the 10-year mark in a business.  The mistakes Carmine made in the early years of launching his restaurant.  And his dreams of future growth.  Be sure to listen in to the end to hear why Carmine adamantly does NOT want to open up additional locations of Giuseppe’s, and how he plans to grow the business even without additional locations.

Selected Links From The Episode

Connect With Carmine & Giuseppe’s Pizzeria & Deli:

Website /Facebook / Instagram / Phone: 518-764-5777

The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas

Albany Area Businesses Mentioned:

Gilhooley Designs – Printing, Signs, and Promotional Products – Located in Watervliet, NY

Jules Paul Real Estate – Real Estate Agent in the Capital Region of NY

Hudson Valley Community College

Show Notes

(0:56) – The Carmine Origin Story

(3:50) – Carmine discusses what it’s like opening a restaurant with no restaurant experience.

(5:25) – Carmine discusses his early years in business and how he learned to manage a business.

(10:54) – Carmine discusses the growth of the business and his decision to try and stay debt free as much as possible, and grow organically.

(14:43) – What it’s like working in a family-owned and operated business

(18:26) – Carmine discusses the first way he ever earned money

(20:00) – Carmine tells us where he got his work ethic from

(21:16) – Mistakes Carmine made in the early years in business.

(24:20) – Carmine discusses transitioning from working non-stop into creating more of a work-life balance.

(27:25) – Carmine discusses the future of Giuseppe’s Pizzeria & Deli.

(32:06) – Carmine tells us something all new business owners need in order to be successful.

(35:24) – Carmine’s definition of success

(36:43) – Carmine tells us a couple of local Albany Area businesses that deserve some recognition.

(37:48) – How to connect with Giuseppe’s Pizzeria

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