Blog - Why I Love Not Owning A Luxury Vehicle

Why I Love NOT Owning A Luxury Vehicle

In 2016 I went to Newport, RI with a big group of friends.  We had rented a house for a week during July, and, well, the typical stuff you’d imagine happened.  Days filled with golfing or fun on the beach, and nights filled with dinner and drinks.

One experience that stood out to me happened within 5 minutes of my arriving.

I was one of the later arrivals, and the driveway of the house we rented wasn’t super large, but it could fit a good number of cars.  Seeing as I was one of the last to arrive, my car ended up being “exposed” to the group.

There were several people playing “Can Jam” in the driveway and enjoying some adult beverages.

Not 2 minutes went by and I heard a “thud!”

One of the guys, with an already low level of coordination, and now compounded with alcohol, had sent a frisbee careening into the passenger side door of my car.

At that moment, a few people looked at me, as if waiting for me to get upset.

To their surprise, I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed a beer – It was time to begin enjoying my vacation!


So why is that?  How was I able to shrug off a direct hit to my car, when those around me would have been freaking out!?

I drive a Toyota Camry, that’s why!

A lot of the guys who were at that house for the week drove cars like a Porsche or a Dodge Charger.  And you could tell by how they acted.

If a frisbee flew too close to their car, they’d get uneasy and say something.  And whenever we came back from golf, or a trip to the beach, they rushed to make sure their cars were parked in “safe” spots away from all of the action.

They were constantly worrying about their cars, and if something was going to happen to them.

And this is another great reason why people should opt for low-cost options.

It isn’t just to save money, it’s to preserve peace-of-mind.

I can completely understand why they were anxious about their cars being damaged.  They were nice cars, and quite expensive.  I’m sure if I owned one of them I’d be worrying just as much.

And that is exactly why I don’t own one of them!


You see, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers side of things when we are trying to make financial decisions.

We evaluate the cost of things like a new car, or how much we want to spend on a new home, but we don’t factor in the psychological side of those purchases.

What will it cost you in “worry?”

[The Difference Between Cost and Price]

Just thinking back to this vacation, I love knowing that I was able to fully enjoy the trip, not worrying about my car getting dented by a frisbee.

It’s tough to put a price on living stress-free.


So, as you go about your daily living, there will inevitably be more purchasing decisions that will arise.

Every time you begin to assess what you should do, make sure you aren’t only looking at the numbers.  You should be thinking about the psychological impact that purchase will have on you.

Ask yourself “Is this choice going to increase the stress in my life, or will I be OK with the purchase I’m making?”

If you aren’t sure about the answer, just think about how you’d feel if a frisbee came flying into your new purchase and dented it.  You’ll know pretty quickly…

Capably Yours,


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