Podcast - 10 Traits Of Millionaires That You Should Follow

Ep #052: 10 Traits Of Millionaires You Should Follow


One of the best ways to accomplish a goal is to look for inspiration from those who have come before you.  If building wealth is what you are working toward, then it makes sense to look at how millionaires across the United States have been able to accomplish that feat.

In this episode we are going into the common traits of millionaires, and shine light on some things you should consider integrating into your daily life.

So get out your note-taking tools and buckle up for a quick ride on the road to Financial Freedom!


The Common Traits Of Millionaires You Should Follow – Capable Wealth Blog

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko

Charlie Munger – American investor, businessman, and philanthropist

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