Podcast - Interview with Paul Drecksler - Exploring The World One Video At A Time

Ep 102: Interview w/Paul Drecksler – Exploring The World One Video At A Time

Paul Drecksler is a life-long entrepreneur and native of Asheville, N.C.  But if you’re looking to connect with Paul, don’t stop by Asheville anytime soon.

“Travel is Life” isn’t just the name of Paul’s company, it’s the mantra for how Paul lives his life.  He’s regularly bouncing from one country to the next, eternally focused on exploring new cultures, seeing new places, and looking for that next great story to tell through his videos.

Paul grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.  So, for him, there was never going to be another way.

During his HS and College years, Paul launched and operated several businesses, which helped him strengthen his knowledge and prepare him for his current role as the owner/operator of Travelislife.org and Ideas focused, something he started to help business owners make sense of the internet technology that powers their businesses.

Direct from the Travelislife website, Paul says “I believe that traveling is good for your soul and good for the world!  My mission at TravelisLife.org is to create products, videos, and resources that have a big impact on travelers and a positive impact on the world.”

I caught up with Paul while he was spending time in Tena, Ecuador.  We discussed his background, how his businesses have evolved over the years, a few mistakes he recommends avoiding, and what’s in store for the future.

Selected Links From The Episode

Connect With Paul Drecksler:

TravelisLife.org / FaceBook / IdeasFocused.com

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Show Notes

(2:01) – Paul’s origin story

(3:09) – Paul’s early signs of entrepreneurship

(5:34) – The first way Paul ever earned money

(9:34) – How & why Paul tracks every single penny he spends

(16:49) – Paul discusses his two businesses – Travel is Life & Ideas Focused

(21:29) – Advice Paul has for entrepreneurs

(33:16) – Mistakes Paul made in business

(36:10) – How Paul defines success

(38:24) – Pieces of advice Paul disagrees with

(40:50) – Books that Paul recommends

(42:47) – Paul’s advice for kids on how to be successful in life.

(47:24) – Paul’s input on following your passion in life

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