Earn Additional Income Through Garage Sales eBay and Amazon

Earn Additional Income Through Garage Sales, Ebay, And Online Marketplaces

When you begin your journey to build wealth, one of the first things you have to do is to find ways to earn income.

By earning an income, you can begin to save that income, invest it, and grow your wealth.

But what if you are finding yourself in a position where your current job (if you even have one) isn’t paying you enough to do all of those things?


Gary Vaynerchuk is an author, speaker, and businessman who has built several massive companies, and is widely known throughout social media for his motivational rants.

He regularly speaks about taking ownership and control over your life by doing what you’re passionate about, and working hard for the things you want.

At one point, he was getting pushback from a lot of his followers. They were saying how it wasn’t as easy as he was saying because they didn’t have a high-paying job that afforded them the ability to invest in new business ventures, etc.

One day, Gary realized he had a solution that would forever eliminate that argument.


For all of the people out there who don’t possess wealth, savings, or even a good paying job, there is a way in order to get yourself in the game.

Gary came up with the idea that you can go on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any other similar site. You can go to the “free” section where people are literally giving away things for free. You can reach out to those people, go pick up their stuff they no longer want, and you can then sell it for a profit.


The only thing you need is a form of transportation and a place to store the items while they are waiting to be purchased online.

The mode of transportation doesn’t even need to be your own vehicle. You can use public transportation to go pick up anything you are looking to acquire.

Sure, it might be a bit of a hassle, but what are you willing to do in order to build wealth?


Another option is to “flip” products you buy at discount stores.


  1. You go to a store like the dollar store, or any store that offers discount items.
  2. Look for whatever items are on sale, or that are very affordably priced.
  3. Look online at marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc. to see how much those same items are being sold for. (Warning: Make sure it’s what the items are selling for, not simply what they are listed for.)
  4. For any products that are offering a sizable margin, buy up a bunch of them at the store and head home to sell them online for a profit.

You can use different barcode scanner apps on your phone to quickly see what these products are selling for online.


Gary has received numerous accounts of people who have begun using this strategy and are now making over $1,000/week by either going to garage sales, getting free stuff on Craigslist, or buying discounted products at stores and selling them online.

These earnings are the equivalent of making a full-time, annual salary. And you don’t even need a lot of money to get your started.


As you begin to focus on building wealth, you’ll learn that there are many ways to accomplish this.

Having as many tools or strategies available to you will help increase your chances of success.

Some people are in a position where they have a good chunk of money saved up and can use that money to invest and grow wealth. Others are starting in a different position.

Wherever you fall in this spectrum, you now know that you have the power to make positive progress.

So, take control of your own outcome, and begin your path toward financial freedom.

Heck, you can do it for free!

Capably Yours,

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