Podcast - Interview with Croix Sather

Ep #108: Interview With Croix Sather – Harnessing Your Mind For A Great Life

The media calls him, “The marathon man.”  In just one year Croix went form a non-runner to a run across America.  For 100 consecutive days, he ran a marathon each day and gave inspirational speeches to audiences in different challenging circumstances teaching them how to rise above their situation and transform their life.

Croix is a professional speaker on life transformation and the psychology of success.  He is the author of “Dream Big, Act Big” among other books, and has spoken on the prestigious stages of TEDx in NYC and Las Vegas, as well as at many top corporations.

Croix’s mission is to teach people how to harness their mind to get bigger results out of life.

Selected Links From The Episode

Connect With Croix Sather:

Website / Facebook / LinkedIn

Croix’s TEDx Talk in NYC – YouTube.com

Toastmasterns International

Show Notes:

(2:14) – Croix’s origin story

(9:38) – Croix’s run across America

(16:01) – Croix talks about the most important thing when being a public speaker

(19:10) – How it was giving a Ted Talk

(21:35) – What holds people back from their dreams

(24:10) – Croix’s daily routines

(25:58) – Mistakes Croix has made in business

(27:57) – The world record Croix broke

(36:35) – The definition of success for Croix

(38:43) – Mentors that Croix looks to for guidance

(43:36) – Advice Croix disagrees with

(45:42) – Advice Croix has for business owners

(48:34) – Learning how to be an entrepreneur

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