Podcast - Interview with Jeannine Trimboli

Ep #114: Interview w/Jeannine Trimboli of Real [Fit] Life – Empowering People Through Fitness

Jeannine Trimboli is the owner and founder of Real [Fit] Life, a personal training company located in Albany, NY.

Jeannine spent her early years in the dance and performance community, and transitioned into fitness later in life.

What’s even more impressive about her journey is that she began her business while being a single mother raising four kids.

I caught up with Jeannine at her fitness location to talk about her evolution as a fitness expert and business owner, and to pull out some amazing pieces of advice she has for other business owners.

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Made In Truth Clothing

SEO Web Mechanics

Show Notes

(2:18) – Jeannine’s Background Story

(4:50) – How Jeannine started in the fitness industry

(12:56) – How Jeannine’s programming caters to each individual’s needs and starting point

(18:16) – What it was like starting a business as a single mother

(23:10) – How Jeannine started blogging to get some publicity for her business

(33:30) – How Jeannine handled increasing her prices

(37:55) – Why Jeannine has such a strong brand, and how she protects it.

(44:01) – Advice Jeannine has for newer entrepreneurs

(55:31) – Why you need to know your worth as a business owner

(56:16) – How financial fitness is an important part of Jeannine’s life, and how it creates confidence.

(1:03:40) – Advice Jeannine would give about being successful in life – personally and professionally

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