Podcast - What I Learned Growing Up On Welfare

Ep #053: What I Learned Growing Up On Welfare


Sometimes, when we are in the middle of learning a great lesson, it can be hard to realize what is happening.

For me, growing up in a family that relied on welfare and food stamps ended up being a blessing in disguised.  My childhood was jam-packed with great life lessons that are now helping me in so many ways.

In this episode, we’re going to dive into exactly what I learned in those early years, and how I’ve been able to leverage the mentality I developed from it to build wealth and break out of a life defined by financial hardship.

So get out your note-taking tools and buckle up for a quick ride on the road to Financial Freedom!


What I Learned Growing Up On Welfare – Capable Wealth Blog

It Turns Out Money CAN Buy You Happiness – Capable Wealth Blog

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