Podcast - Interview with Aric Lemon

Ep 104: Interview w/Aric Lemon of iCRYO – Finding Wellness In The Cold

Aric Lemon is a native of Clifton Park, NY and current co-owner of multiple franchise locations of iCRYO Cryotherapy – which offers whole body cryotherapy, Cryo facials, local cryotherapy, compression therapy, and infrared sauna.

Before opening their stores, Aric had success in multiple industries, ranging from wireless communications, consulting, network marketing, and mortgage origination.

From a young age Aric knew he wanted to pursue his dreams of entrepreneurship, and even during his stints in corporate America, kept his vision on the future.

I caught up with Aric in their Clifton Park, NY location to check out the facility, experience cryotherapy for myself, and talk about his background.

Selected Links From The Episode

Connect With Aric Lemon & iCRYO:

iCRYO on Facebook: Latham / Clifton Park

iCRYO on Instagram: Latham / Clifton Park

Wim Hof – Dutch extreme athlete known for cold immersion

Joe Rogan Experience

Antonio Brown Shows Off Frostbitten Feet On “Hard Knocks” – CBSSports.com

Show Notes:

(4:25) – How Aric got into iCryo

(11:18) – Aric talks about his background and origin story

(14:13) – Why it’s important to take the opportunity in front of you

(16:00) – The importance of not allowing for “what ifs” in life

(16:51) – First way Aric ever earned money

(18:40) – Early stages – mistakes made and lessons learned

(20:08) – Advice Aric would give to new business owners

(22:30) – How Aric defines success

(27:15) – What Aric would teach younger individuals about being successful

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